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texture#: 9659
color#: /35
CONTENT: 100% Solution-dyed Acrylic
APPROXIMATE WIDTH: 60 in (152 cm)
ABRASION RESISTANCE: Heavy duty/wire mesh
FLAME RESISTANCE: Passes California Flammability Bulletin 117-2013
texture#: 9659
color#: /35
color group: Red
content: Solution-dyed Acrylic
approximate width: 60 in.
abrasion resistance: Heavy duty/wire mesh (Wyzenbeek)
flame resistance: Passes California Flammability Bulletin 117-2013
category: Outdoor

  • For best results and to prolong the life of your outdoor fabric, remove cushions from direct sunlight and inclement weather when not in use.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance will help prolong the life and appearance of your cushions.
  • Brush or vacuum regularly to remove dirt that can become embedded in the fabric.
  • Fabrics are not treated with soil or stain resistant finishes.
  • Remove spills immediately to avoid them becoming stains - do not scrub.
  • Professional wet cleaning is recommended.
  • Quick drying outdoor foam should always be used for outdoor applications.
  • Standing water should not be left on the cushions.
  • Dry time for wet fabric will vary depending on the thickness and weight of the fabric; heavier/thicker fabrics will take longer to dry if they become wet.
  • Outdoor fabrics are fade-resistant, but all fabrics will fade eventually. How quickly this occurs will vary depending upon the amount and intensity of sunlight in your location, and whether the cushions are left in direct sunlight when not in use.

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